A new life to the Laundry of the Albacete Hospital Complex

Their facilities have been renovated and are now ready to face the future more efficiently.

The Integrated Care Management of Albacete, which depends on the Castilla-La Mancha Health Service, has treated more than a million kilos of clothes so far this year. This amount represents an increase of 108,590 kilograms compared to 2019, taking the first ten months of the year as a reference.

Measures against COVID

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the activity has been reinforced by implementing an afternoon shift, with the hiring of the necessary professionals. An increase in staff and service hours has considerably improved production by more than 10 per cent. Specifically, 403,000 more garments were supplied to professionals than in 2019.

With this inversion the laundry will be able to increase considerably its current production capacity.

The Laundry and Clothing Service processes the clothes that arrive from the two centres of the University Hospital Complex, the General Hospital and the Perpetuo Socorro Hospital, as well as from the General Hospital of Almansa, so in view of this great demand, added to the normal deterioration of the laundry machinery as a consequence of its intensive use, it has decided to give it a new life by repairing, tuning up and updating its washing tunnel. The Toledan company Termain, S.L. has been responsible for replacing the control system of this equipment, which means greater capacity, better energy efficiency and more reliability for its operation. In this way, an indispensable service is optimised, which has a direct impact on patient care and on the appropriate equipment of health professionals

The investment carried out means avoiding a higher outlay on new machinery; obtaining an improvement in the working conditions of the workers and an important reduction in the consumption of water, gas and electricity for the coming years. It is expected that with the renovation, the laundry can even triple its current production figures.

In addition to an improvement in terms of efficiency and profitability, the renovation will allow the Albacete Hospital Complex to guarantee the traceability of the disinfection of both clothing and linen, as well as of the health personnel’s EPIS. Clothes are washed, dried and ironed in a process that varies according to the type of garment and material, since in addition to the gowns or pyjamas, sheets, towels, blankets and mattress covers are also processed, among other elements; a measure that has become a priority in the fight against the pandemic.

Energy efficiency for the future

This initiative is part of a large project to improve energy efficiency in the facilities. Some time ago, the chillers and boilers were replaced, thus reducing CO2 emissions and improving the air conditioning of Hospital Perpetuo Socorro. The next objective is the definitive implementation of an intelligent building management system.




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