termain headquarters


Técnicas Reunidas de Mantenimiento y Automatización Industrial, S.L.

Combined Maintenance Techniques and Industrial Automation, S.L.

Termain is a company composed by professionals with wide experience offering integral solutions to the sector of the industrial laundromat, from the installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul and supply of consumables and spare parts.

We provide technical service to our clients throughout the peninsula and islands from our head office in Toledo and the Malaga delegation.

The Team

Ramón Benito Moreno


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David Mayoral Martín


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César Rodríguez Blanco

Head of workshop

Expertise and timely solutions

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Antonio García Franco

Technical Engineering

Technical Engineering Department

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Pedro Fco. Lozano Amor

Electromechanic Technician

Experience and attention to detail

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Sergio García Sagrado

Electromechanical Technician

Timely solutions and the best attitude

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Antonio Jesús Pérez Díaz

Electromechanical Technician

Experience and know-how

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Martín Rodríguez Díaz

Electromechanical Technician

Profesional in every detail

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Carolina García

Back Office

Everything works with her

German Villamarín

Expansion and Supplies

Marketing and international expansion

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Solutions for the Industrial Laundry field

Installation and starting-up of commercial and industrial laundry machinery

We install, start up and configure all types of laundry machinery, adapting it to the needs of our customers' production process.

Integral maintenance of auxiliary installations

We take care of all the elements and installations that compose your laundry.

  • Compressed air

  • Water network

  • Steam

  • Thermal oil

  • Air transport systems

Laundry machinery repair

We repair, modify and adapt all types of laundry machinery:

  • Small and medium laundry

  • Industrial laundry

We work with the most popular brands in the market

Reconditioning and sale of Second Hand Machinery

All our offer of second-hand machines is revised component by component, replacing wear elements and updating the control elements.

Supply of Spare Parts and Consumables

We have a large stock of spare parts, both original and major brands in the sector.


Manteinance 55%
Readjustment 82%
Large Installations 78%
Repairs 60%
Updating 45%